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43 Lenina street, Barnaul,  

Altai region, Russia, 656049

      The company is involved into deep processing of cross-species oil-bearing flax and production of linseed oil, flaxseed cake, pre-packed food products. The up-to-date foreign equipment and cooperation with research institutions allow the company to obtain new competitive production.


Industrial Flaxseed Oil

     By its siccative properties (fast desiccation), industrial linseed oil excels other types of oils. It forms a firm solid film which protects the surface from damp and corrosion.
    Natural drying oil is boiled linseed oil which is widely used in paint and coating industry, production of alkyd resin, linoleum and some types of oilcloth, and also in wire industry.  Impregnation of undyed surfaces with drying oil is still considered the most resistant coating and is widely used for outdoor protection of wooden buildings.
     When oil is heated in air-tight conditions, the so called printing boiled linseed oil is extracted. It is not washed out from metals and is used not only in printing jobs but also as insulating varnish in electrical engineering and rubber-processing industry.   
    Industrial linseed oil quality is regulated by All-Union Standard (GOST) 57-91-81

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