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43 Lenina street, Barnaul,  

Altai region, Russia, 656049

      The company is involved into deep processing of cross-species oil-bearing flax and production of linseed oil, flaxseed cake, pre-packed food products. The up-to-date foreign equipment and cooperation with research institutions allow the company to obtain new competitive production.



     Growth and processing of cross-species oil-bearing flax, including:

  • Production of both food and industrial flaxseed oil with the use of high technology foreign equipment  
  • Selling of flaxseed cake
  • Production of pre-packed food products for retail shop chain (Flaxseed Oil and Crispy Flax Seed)
  • Flax flour production 
  • Processing of flax straw and production of short fiber


    •  Wholesale trade of flax seed
    •  Samples of food flax protein are acquired in cooperation with a Danish company Alfa Lava
    •  Close cooperation with Chemicalization and Agricultural Ecology Institute of Altay State Agriculture University and     Institute of Solution Chemistry of Russian Academy of Science 
    •  All the mentioned activity is supported by the Altay region Government
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